About Lydia

Hello my name is Lydia and you are currently reading my personal finance blog.

Introductions are not my favourite thing to write. I find them a little intimidating & the pressure for them to be great and really engaging is frightening. I think you would agree with me that for now, keeping things simple is best for both of us.

This is my official “not an official introduction” post & my numbers are as follows:

I am Lydia – there is only 1 me in this entire world!

I am 25 – The best year of my life so far, so I’m keeping it for 2 years. Next birthday, I turn 25.5 (I don’t care if this is not a real thing. I’m doing it)

Three good words that describe me: Passionate. Loyal. Creative.

Three not-so-good- words that describe me: Indecisive – decision making is difficult for me. Stubborn – My friend chose this word. Overbearing – I can be, it’s an extrovert thing; we are born with it. It’s not no purpose. >> Okay so that was more than three words but I would argue strongly that context is important & over here on this blog, let’s agree not sweat the small/unnecessary stuff.

In the interest of keeping things short I am going to stop here. If you decide to stick around – and I really hope you do – you will get to know more about me & my love for all things personal finance related.

Thank you so much for reading this far.

Until next time amigo!