Real Money With Lydia

Where I get honest about something that’s happening with my money situation.


Tomorrow is payday and whilst I normally countdown the number of sleeps left till I wake up to new money in my bank account, this month I am not so excited. Let me tell you why.

Side note: Don’t get it twisted, I still love payday & I’m super excited to wake up tomorrow. 

I am over-budget! Yes, I have run my numbers this month and the unfortunate has happened. I am forecast to spend more than I am earning. This is a less than ideal situation and after the initial panic I manged to keep calm and come up with a plan.

First of all, I am in this position because of my own bad planning and my inability to say no and deny myself a few luxuries. This is definitely my fault. After realising this, I became very frustrated with myself and my current situation, feelings of shame and self-condemnation followed, it was not pretty – there was wailing guys, and I mean actual wailing to – and possibly at – God because I felt like a huge failure. I’m just keeping it real. This is not where I want to be with my money situation. I cried and then I looked at my numbers, I put my big girl pants on as well as my thinking cap and though of all the ways I could save money this month. Its time to experiment.

 Welcome to the No-Spend Month of July 2017 – The rules are as follows:

  1. There are 7 days in a week. You – Miss Lydia – Are only permitted to spend money on 3 of those seven days. I suggest you choose you days wisely.
  2. You will leave your cards at home and walk around with cash. Don’t be daft about this. Only carry what you will need for the day because once the money is gone, IT’S GONE! Don’t you for a second think you can use apple pay to get around this either, disconnect it before I count to 10 (gives myself the side-eye).
  3. You must record every penny that you spend. (I do this anyway so I’m just throwing this in for good measure)

That’s it people, this is the truly how I plan handle being over-budget. Like a grown adult. I am going to stop shaming myself, stop worrying and most importantly not panic. I have come up with a plan and I will be sticking to it.

I hate being broke – who doesn’t – especially because I pride myself on having the tools and knowledge to effectively manage my finances like the responsible adult that I am. The truth is, even with all this knowledge, there are months when I still don’t have it together and I have to survive whilst being five minutes past broke. I will let you know how things go at the end of the month.

Thanks for reading & Adios Amigo.










3 thoughts on “Real Money With Lydia

  1. I used to have the motto to carry around cash or nothing at all but lately, I have gotten lazy about going to the bank to withdraw cash so I have just been using my card; which is no good at all. I just hate going over-budget ( even if it’s not a specific number, I know) because I know I need to be responsible ( to show myself & others) so the feelings of anxiousness creep up -sighs-.

    Props to you, though, for coming up with a plan. I am going to try to go back to carrying only cash & leaving my card at home starting next month. Hope it works out!

    ~ Bree

    On a side note, paydays have become my favorite days of the week ( any income is better than none, right)…it’s just the possible aftermath of dread should it not be enough to be “so responsible:.


    1. Haha, I’m glad I’m not the only person out here who thinks payday is an amazing day 🙂

      Coming up with a plan was the only thing I felt like I could do, going over budget is a terrible feeling (for someone who is trying to fix her financial mistakes) and it was a choice between staying miserable or doing something about the situation. I like to think that I made the right choice.
      Sigh, being a responsible adult is no fun!

      Thanks for reading by the way! You are my first comment!! *eek does embarrassing dance.*

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi Lydia,

        You can say that again! Don’t get me wrong, I do think being a responsible adult will pay off in the long run despite the present times of deprivation ( so it seems) but sometimes, it’s hard.

        Of course, no problem. Woo! Glad to do so.

        ~ Bree

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